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01.10.05 Happy belated New Year! XD
As y'all have noticed, i have a Nenga pic up.
Also, my Forum has moved!
11.06.04 Wow... haven't put a new comment in nearly
half a year? ^^; Well, i added new fan art!
Much thanks to Kaybo Sasuke! ^^
See the fan art in the Gallery
05.29.04 i'm going to A-Kon!
i'll be gone from June 3rd to 6th
Please look for me at the Komik Market!
05.03.04 Here's to over 3000 visitors! ^^
Destiny in a halter top... won't see that very often. *lol*
04.26.04 Another cute fan art added in the Gallery! Thank you!
02.23.04 Links page updated.
i added webcomic "I expect..."

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